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more publication goodies!

I know that I’m stretching it a little here, using the word “publication” to describe this, but MY NAME IS IN PRINT. That’s all I care about! My creative nonfiction class interviewed residents of the local retirement community back in February, and all the stories we wrote were bound into a book and sent to the residents as well as us. I just picked mine up today! I interviewed Paul Bixby, a man with so many stories and an incredible love of teaching. It was truly a remarkable experience. I posted the article under the creative nonfiction tab; check it out if you want to learn about an amazing guy!


Even though it’s just in Penn State’s literary magazine, I’m bragging. :] I just love seeing my name in print. Kalliope‘s release party was on Wednesday, complete with open mic and free copies of the magazine. I now have multiple copies of the book in my room to show everyone in my family! I’m really proud of this story; I wrote it last fall for my intro creative writing class, and it’s one of the few pieces I can look back on and not hate, as self-critical as that sounds.

But what can I say? I’m a writer. And writer=perfectionist.

Our speaker at the release party was a PSU grad who’s in a creative writing program at another university now. He read two short stories, and of course I have a compulsive urge to start new projects now. Things have been crazy with school lately, and the inspiration is sporadic at best. Hopefully this summer I’ll have some new stuff to post here.

Thanks for reading!

Being Published!

Okay, so I didn’t get a book deal or anything, but my creative nonfiction piece, “The Drug of the Workplace”, is being published in Kalliope, Penn State’s Undergraduate Literary Magazine. I’m actually on the staff, but I help handle fiction, so I had no say in the nonfiction stuff at all! And staff members can submit whatever they want; it’s all anonymous. The nonfiction staff emailed me this morning and told me it was in! :] I’m so excited!!

You can read the piece here if you want!