write, write, write. query, query, query. and repeat.

Lately, i’ve been writing my butt off. I write during my lunch break at work, after dinner, before bed…whenever i can find the chance. I’m attempting to finish one of my current projects before i go back to school so that, once i’m back, i can focus on editing it. My brain is also brimming with ideas for new projects that I’m excited to start, but i’m learning that it’s better to focus on one or two stories at a time.

I’m also learning the importance of outlines. Even a rough outline of just a scene is helpful. I’ve spent most of the past year writing blind (just typing out what i feel like), and i’ve realized that, while it might be productive in the moment, really leaves me with less of an idea of where the story is going as a whole. I’ve started carrying around a notebook with me and outlining scenes as i think of them. Just having a little bit of an anchor, an idea of where the scene is going, has been really helpful lately.

In other news, i have four queries sitting in various agents’ inboxes for Throwaways and a ton more to format and send. I’m having fun putting together the different packages each agency wants and sending them out. Hopefully someone connects with the story and wants to read more. *crosses fingers*

I’m thinking about putting up an excerpt from my newest project, Infinity (yes, it’s a novel-length version of the short story posted here). It’s still a very rough work in progress, but i’d love some opinions on it. As soon as i pick the right scene, i’ll stick it up here.  :]


1 thought on “write, write, write. query, query, query. and repeat.

  1. Best blog entry title EVER. Isn’t it a nice feeling when something like that so accurately describes your life? I love it.

    I know we’ve chatted about most of this already, so I’ll just say: thumbs-up for the notebook, double thumbs-up for the queries you’ve sent/are sending, fingers crossed for you and Throwaways, and yes, please, for an Infinity excerpt 🙂

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