Rejections: 1

Well, it happened. My manuscript has been sitting with an agent for a while, and i just got my rejection letter.


I’m actually not too upset about it, surprisingly. I mean, of course i’m disappointed and my legs went numb for a minute like they always do in a moment of extreme magnitude. But i already have a few other query letters prepared to send out, and more agents that i’d like to query, so this isn’t over by a long shot. And i still think the agent who rejected my manuscript is so sweet, and i’m sure i’ll still read her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Now off to send more queries! :]


2 thoughts on “Rejections: 1

  1. Oh Kaitlin, I’m so sorry. I’ve been there, and I know how undeniably disappointing it is. Throwaways is an AMAZING story, though, and I have complete faith that another agent will fall in love with it and offer representation. You have such a positive outlook, and that’s going to carry you so far. Hang in there – here’s to the next request you get!

    1. thanks Shari! I kind of figured it would have been waaaaaay to easy to get representation that quick, so I’ve decided i’m in for the long haul now. I sent out two more letters that i’d already written, and i’m going to work on more for other agents i’m interested in. And the journey continues!

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