So I’ve been sitting here, trying to think of some eloquent way to say what i want to say, but my mind is coming up blank. I guess i’ll just say it…AN AGENT REQUESTED MY MANUSCRIPT TO READ!!!!


To elaborate a little bit, i must have just sent my query to the agent at the right time because she responded really fast, saying she was interested in the idea and wanted to read Throwaways in its entirety. So, naturally, i freaked out and spent the entire two hour LOST recap before the finale formatting my draft in the way she wanted it, writing an author bio and triple checking everything before sending it back to the agent.

The next day, i received another email from her, just confirming that she’d gotten my manuscript and how excited she was to read it. Then she warned me that she was digging herself out of a huge pile of other manuscripts, and it might take me up to 60 days to hear from her. So now, the waiting game begins.

I contemplated sending out more queries to other agents, but i’ve heard that if an agent has your full manuscript, it’s probably best just to wait it out and see if they want to take it on. And i figure, two months isn’t that bad, and the agent said hopefully it won’t take that long. Now i’m focusing on writing some other things while i wait to hear back from her.



1 thought on “News!!!!!

  1. !!!!!!!!!!

    I know I just emailed you about this, but I feel the need to say OMG again!! A full manuscript request!! Kaitlin, that’s HUGE! Oh my gosh, I am so elated, thrilled, and ecstatic for you!! Two months (even though it seems so long at the time) is definitely a really great turnaround for a full. My fingers are crossed that she loves Throwaways as much as I did!! 😀


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